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5 Christmas Designs that can make your house festive!

Cast a Warm Glow

Fill glass lanterns with LED twinkle lights and put them by your front door, inside your fireplace or along your stairs to light the way.

Hang a Garland Above Your Bed

Our bedrooms may not be the first spots we think to decorate during the holiday season. But since they’re where all of us start and end each day, they deserve their own dose of holiday cheer. So add a pop of festivity by hanging a garland over your bed. You can mount it on your wall, drape it along your headboard, or use it to dress up an above-bed shelf.

Fill Your Home With Candles

Candles make a classic addition to any home, and they can feel particularly cozy during the holidays. Put out all the candles you own, or stock up on a few new favorites. Time to showcase all the scented candles you received!

Set the Scene With a Festive Doormat

Give your houseguests something festive to wipe their feet on every time they come over. Sure, a holiday doormat isn’t a must-have—but it’s a fun way to welcome your guests to your home and spread some holiday cheer.

Set the Scene for Cozy Christmas Cheer

When decorating, try to optimize for coziness wherever you can. After all, a well-decorated space isn’t just meant to be looked at—it’s meant to be lived-in and enjoyed. Whatever your design might be, it should come hand in hand together with being comfortable and cozy to live in!

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